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VI International Congress on Health Informatics

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 Virtual Sessions of the Congress closed today April 12th, 2007

Closing Words

Minutes of the Event

“Network and Knowledge in Action”


Palace of Conventions, Havana, Cuba

February 12 – 16, 2007


The Cuban Ministry of Informatics and Communication and the Ministry of Public health of the Republic of Cuba are pleased to invite you participating in VI INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON HEALTH INFORMATICS, to be held at Palace of Conventions, Havana, Cuba, on February 12 – 16, 2007, as part of the Informatics Convention 2007.

We, Cubans, as hosts, are preparing ourselves to share the experience of our country that has seriously betted for improving its people health, and in such purpose has underlined the use of technologies for informatics and computing from the human development perspective.

We invited colleagues from all over the world to joint us in this objective of interchanging and showing experiences and ideas in this encounter, so we can approach together this purpose of improving health in our countries.

The congress motto: Network and Knowledge in Action, sensitizes the effort of achieving concrete answers to help us consolidating and enwinding cooperation and development networks  for better  use of informatics and communications to favor health. We will continue moving ahead in constructing Health Virtual Library and other regional and global networks that will be attending Havana.



    • Informatics for Health Primary Care
    • Informatics in Isolated Communities.
    • Health Open Systems
    • Hospital Management and Automation.
    • Telemedicine
    • Nurse Informatics
    • Assuring Quality

     •    Clinical Research
     •    Processing Medical Images and Signals
     •    Diagnosis and Control Instruments

    •    Informatics and Health Education
    •    E- Learning in Health. 
    •    Data Mining and Pattern Recognition
    •    Health Virtual Libraries
    •    Modelling, Simulation, and Artificial Intelligence
    •    Statistical Processing
    •    Content Management System
    •    Telematics.
    •    Database Management
    •    Internet as an Instrument in Health
    •    Informatics in Public Health
    •    Advanced Comprehensive Systems on Health Informatics
    •    Informatics & STD/HIV/ AIDS
    •    Health Surveillance.



This event will function in two modes: Present & Virtual.

Persons wishing to participate in this event  as  presenters in any of the two modes (present and virtual) should send their works through this website .

The Scientific Committee will evaluate and decide what papers will be presented in the present event which will function at the Palace of Conventions. Those papers that cannot attend to the Palace due to capacity reasons  will participate in the Congress in their virtual version through the website. This decision will be noticed by the Scientific Committee to the delegates in advance.

Virtual version of the event will be held on February 12th to March 12th, 2007 in the website.

All the papers accepted will be published in the website grouped by thematic.

Participating forms in this event are:

  • Masterly lectures
  • Round tables
  • Pannels


The forms of participation of the virtual version are:

    • Lectures

    • Reports

The participants in the virtual version of the Congress will receive a Certificate of Participation by electronic mail .



The papers should not exceed 10 pages. They should be files MSWord 6.0, written in arial -12 pts, one space, letter size (8 ½ “x 11” or 21.59 cm. x 27.94 cm.) and margins of 2.5 cm. for each side.

Papers to send should not exceed 500 Kbytes. In case of having images, these images should be inserted within the text and with excellent spotlessness.

Information on the papers should have the following structure:

  • VI Internacional Congress on Health Informatics
  • Thematic
  • Title: in capital letters
  • Full names and electronic addresses of author and joint authors.
  • Institution where the author and the joint authors work and country of origin.
  • Abstract up to  250 words.
  • Paper texts should offer information on methods used, results, conclussions, and bibliography. 

  The approved papers will be published in a compact disk with the minutes of the Convention.

Languages to use are Spanish and English.



  •  Deadline for presenting papers and abstracts : up to November 20th, 2006.
  • Approval notice to the authors of papers and abstracts: up to December 15th, 2006.  



  1. Use of Plone as Content Management System.
  2. Edition and Management of Electronic Publications. 
  3. Algorithms for Biological Sequence Analysis.
  4. Algorithms for Biological Structure Analysis.
  5. SIMED: Simulations for Health Sciences Teaching.



Centro Nacional de Información de Ciencias Médicas. INFOMED
Calle 27 #110 entre M y N, Vedado, Ciudad Habana, CP 10400, CUBA
Telephones: (537) 832- 4402 y 55-3890
Fax: (537) 833-3063


Webmail List for Health Informatics Users

A webmail list has been made up to reinforce information on the arrangemenst for the VI International Congress of Health Informatics, 2007. Also to expand on the steps web site users should follow  to send their papers. The name of this list is and registration to this list should be done here .   We suggest to any person registered in our website to join in in this list to keep updated.